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Louis Hebert
The First Successful European Colonist
In The New World

Early U.S./World History Links


Maine Marriages - Maine marriages from 1892 through 2009!
Social Security Death Index - Every person who ever had their Social Security Death Benefit claimed (more than 120 million people).
1940 U.S. Census - Every person living in the United States during the 1940 Census. The 1950 Census will be released in April, 2023.
Goodall Library Obituary Index – A database of every obituary that has appeared in local papers since the 1890s – more than 75,000. The database will tell you which newspaper, edition and page in which an obituary appeared.
Ellis Island Family History Center - Every immigrant who came to Ellis Island between 1882 and 1924!
St. Ignatius & Notre Dame Cemetery Index- Hosted by the Diocese of Portland.
Find-a-Grave - More than 120 million graves; many with photos and vital data.
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service - Run by the Latter Day Saints. One of the largest databases in the world. Contains information on mostly older people (1800s and older).
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - The biggest and best collection of Genealogy links in the world! You probably won't need to go in here.
County Name Look up - Find a county name by zip code or name of town/city.
Cascading Pedigree Chart - Download an extra copy of the chart we use in class.



Civil War

American Civil War Homepage - by Dr. George H. Hoemann, University of Tennessee in Kentucky. Lots of links!

American Civil War Page - historical information on a variety of topics and issues relating to the war between the states. From Dakota State University.

Battle Flags of the Confederacy and Civil War Guns - Renditions of Confederate pattern battle flags with histories; also some photos of Civil War guns with histories.

Civil War Archive - Regimental histories, corps histories, battle summaries, rosters, reports, letters, links, battle flags and diaries.

Civil War History - leader profiles and battle flags.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System - A computerized database containing very basic facts about soldiers who served on both sides during the Civil War. From the National Park Service.

Civil War Timeline

Civil War Traveler - information about battlefields and other Civil War sites in the mid-Atlantic states.

CivilWar.com - historical information related to the American Civil War.

General Officers of the Civil War - Pictures of every General in the Civil War!

Images of the Civil War - pictures of army and navy life, battles, generals, abolitionists, Lincoln's assassination, and more.

Institute For Civil War Research - provides detailed histories on every unit and naval vessel that fought in the American Civil War.

Rosters and Military Sources - comprehensive resource for the Civil War.

Scartoons: Racial Satire and the U.S. Civil War - explores visual satire as employed in the Civil War years.

Selected Civil War Photographs - selected from the archives at the Library of Congress.

This Week in the Civil War - week by week history of the Civil War.

Time Line of the Civil War - from the Library of Congress.

Trial of Captain Henry Wirz - Commandant of Andersonville Prison, 1865.

United States Civil War

A New Nation

  1. The American Constitution - A Documentary Record - From Yale University. Contains every document that influenced our Constitution! From the Magna Carta, Documents from the Constitutional Convention, the Federalist Papers, and all important Ratifications and Resolutions!
  2. Articles of Confederation, 1781
  3. Bill of Rights
  4. Constitution Day (National Archives) activity
  5. John Hanson - American Patriot and First President of the United States (1715-1783)
  6. John Hanson - Well written, by Harry V. Martin.
  7. Northwest Ordinance - July 13, 1787
  8. Our Forgotten Presidents - By the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. It's about the seven presidents we had before Washington.
  9. Thomas Jefferson Papers
  10. United States Founding Documents (Constitution, Federalist Papers)
  11. U.S. Presidential Autographs
  12. Virginia Resolution, 1798
  13. Kentucky Resolution, 1799
  14. David Ramsay's "Life of George Washington," 1807
  15. George Washington Papers
  16. Washington's Farewell Address, 1796
  17. Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Topic - From Cornell University

French Revolution Pics

  1. King Louis XIV ("The Sun King")
  2. King Louis XVI
  3. Napoleon
  4. Napoleon's Consecration

The French Revolution

  1. French Revolution Homepage - Explore major aspects of the event, or delve in-depth! Includes links to personalities involved, bibliography, and primary sources.
  2. French Revolution 1789-1793 - Organizes details by key events and persons. Includes several pictures.
  3. French Revolution Links - Links to resources, images, essays, and directories related to the French Revolution from a French history buff.
  4. French Revolution Page - Peruse the timeline of pertinent events, learn about the three Louis kings that preceded the uprising, or get details on the battles themselves.
  5. Guillotine Headquarters, The - Harken back to the day when heads rolled with alacrity and aplomb. Scan the list of those that met their demise for the sake of the Republic.
  6. Age of the French Revolution and Napoleon - University of Nevada at Las Vegas professor provides these links to information about the French Revolution for the sake of his students.
  7. Behind the Rose of Versailles - Discover characters, events, and scripts that inform about the French Revolution.
  8. Blake's Bastille - Examine the full text of William Blake's poem about the seizure of the Bastille. Also find a summary of the French Revolution.
  9. Canadian Forces College - French Revolution - Military guide and links produced by the Canadian Government.
  10. Encyclopedia.com - Gives an overview of the French Revolution. Includes a list of causes, military actions, and outcomes of the war.
  11. Era of the French Revolution - Resource for a George Mason University class will also help casual enthusiasts and hard-core Francophiles.
  12. French Republican Calendar, The - Discover how to use this calendar adopted under the reforms of the National Convention.
  13. French Revolution - Encyclopedia Britannica - Pivotal events that followed the overthrow of King Louis XVI in 1789. Includes hyperlinks to pivotal events and key figures.
  14. French Revolution - Images - Examine a substantial collection of images pertaining to the original Revolution, organized by subject matter.
  15. French Revolution - Seminars and Reading Lists - Bibliography offers an extensive list of books and articles written about the French Revolution for students of the era.
  16. French Revolution - Victorian Web - English professor at Hartwick College provides a summary of the salient events of the Revolution. Includes access to primary texts.
  17. French Revolution By Caitlin - Explore the causes and results of the 1789 Revolution at this student's resource page.
  18. French Revolution Pages - Amateur collection of links and content provides a glimpse into salient aspects of the revolution.
  19. Great French Revolution, The - Partial transcription of P A Kropotkin's text analyzing the activities of 1789-93 provides several chapters in full detail.
  20. History Guide - Learning Materials - Features a chronology, a glossary, a bibliography, and general historical information for this event.
  21. J. B. Harris Pages - This resource attempts to construct an easily digestible reading of the war and its multinational effects.
  22. MEHAP Online - Advanced Placement location offers resources designed to facilitate understanding of the period, its people, and the impact of the revolution.
  23. Moderate Stage, The - History Guide - Lecture 12 from a full series on the subject covers the first few years of the French Revolution and the exploded society left in its wake.
  24. More Radical, More Complex - Well-organized, highly detailed outline of the Revolution will serve as a helpful resource to anyone interested in or researching the subject.
  25. MSN Encarta - French Revolution - Excerpt from an encyclopedic resource gives a history and analysis of the dramatic events surrounding the end of the monarchy in France.
  26. MSN Encarta - Marseillaise, La - Learn who wrote the French national anthem, at what point in history it gained popularity, and how it got its name.
  27. MSN Encarta - Republican Calendar, French - Learn the general structure of the calendar implemented during the French Revolution, and when it was initiated and terminated.
  28. Nafziger Collection - French Revolution - Browse a catalogue of orders of battle throughout the seven year conflict available for order form this military history site.
  29. Palace of Versailles - Take a historical look at the Revolution with these concise essays on Marat, Robespierre, Napoleon, the Bastille, and Louis XVI.
  30. Radical Stage, The - History Guide - Read a scholarly, but not too irretrievably erudite essay on the Revolutionary years 1792-94 in France, courtesy of The History Guide.
  31. Revolution and After - Resource on this tempestuous period in French history features some pictures and a detailed chronological walkthrough of events.
  32. Revolution Française, La - Explore this modest, English-language FAQ on the French Revolution for historical information and Internet resources on the subject.
  33. Rodney Hilton - French Revolution - Describes pre-revolutionary history, causes of the French Revolution, the role of the National Assembly and Napoleon's military regime.
  34. The French Revolution - World Wide School - Read Thomas Carlysle three volume work analyzing the events of the eighteenth century revolution. Includes a search function.
  35. University of Warwick - Glossary - Large, helpful index of French terms and expressions used within the context of the Revolution includes English definitions.
  36. Woodberry Forest School - Student project presents an organizational scheme of the revolution. Scan events, biographies, and the timeline.

American Revolution Pics

  1. Washington Crossing the Delaware
  2. Boston Massacre - Engraving by Paul Revere. Check this one out, then look at the next...
  3. Boston Massacre - Hmm... a bit different? Which do you think is more accurate? (courtesy Granger Collection.)
  4. King George III - Did you know George's father (King George II) spoke English with a thick German accent? His father didn't speak a word of English. George's I and II were of the House of Hanover... now Germany!. (courtesy - Royal Collection
    H.M. Queen Elizabeth II)
  5. Samuel Adams - Father of the American Revolution (courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).
  6. James Otis - Protesting the British writs of assistance, which empowered customs officers to search officers to search anywhere, even in private houses, for smuggled goods (courtesy Massachusetts State House Art Collection).
  7. William Pitt - Rescued England from defeat in the French & Indian War (courtesy Granger Collection).
  8. Tarring and Feathering - Yikes!! Me... a tax collector? I'm not a tax collector...
  9. Charles Townshend - England's "Chancellor of the Exchequer" (man in charge of imperial finances). He surprised everyone by proposing new taxes on the Americans (courtesy Scottish National Portrait Gallery).

Road to the American Revolution

  1. Albany Plan of Union
  2. American Revolutionary Artwork
  3. Battle of Lexington - April 19, 1775
  4. Boston Massacre - Anonymous account of, March 5, 1770
  5. Boston Massacre - Captain Thomas Preston's account, March 5, 1770
  6. Boston Massacre - Early American Review
  7. Boston Massacre - Paul Revere's Engraving (discussion and image)
  8. Boston Massacre - Yahoo!
  9. Christ Church, Boston, MA ("Old North Church")
  10. Common Sense, by Thomas Paine
  11. Conflict and Revolution 1775-1776 - From the History Place
  12. First Continental Congress
  13. Second Continental Congress, Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Arms, July 6, 1775
  14. John Dickinson's Letters from a Farmer, 1767-1768
  15. Freedom Trail Online
  16. Gallery of Early American Portraits - ARCHIVING EARLY AMERICA
  17. Patrick Henry's Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
  18. Heroes of the Revolution - Samuel Adams
  19. Lexington and Concord
  20. Liberty: The Road to Revolution
  21. Minute Man National Historical Park - In Lexington, MA
  22. James Otis, "Against the Writs of Assistance"
  23. Pitcairn
  24. Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress
  25. Revolutionary War Links
  26. Stamp Act
  27. Yankee Doodle

  French and Indian War

  1. General Edward Braddock - Being shot off one of his four horses, being assisted by Col. George Washington (courtesy Wisconsin State Historical Society).
  2. 1755 - The French and Indian War Home Page- This site is dedicated to the French soldiers who came to New France to fight the British. The author of this page has provided a list of French regulars who fought in the war, and this information is to be used in a book that the author is currently working on. Also provided are references to books and other web sites.
  3. Cartographic Creation of New England - One of the finest map collections in the world... right here at USM!
  4. Cooper, James Fenimore - The Last of the Mohicans - The text of James Fenimore Cooper's original novel. Isn't the web great?
  5. Death of General Wolfe
  6. Essay: The French and Indian War's Impact on America - A full essay about the French and Indian War written by a student at a Dutch university. Don't worry, it's written in English.
  7. French and Indian War - This site provides a brief history of the war with links to contemporary maps.
  8. Lake Champlain and Lake George Historical Site - Contains a geographical map of the area, links, and a historical tour.
  9. Map of European Settlements and Indian Tribes, 1750
  10. Map of North America, 1763
  11. Montcalm and Wolfe - This is an excellent site recommended by the History Channel. The site is fairly thorough, and provides information about battles, British and French troops, individual units, and forts possessed by either side, as well as a comprehensive bibliography. (Turn your speakers down... the site has loud music.)
  12. "Northwest Passage" (1940)- One of my favorite movies! Based on Maine author Kenneth Robert's historical novel. Spencer Tracy stars in the true story of Major Robert Rogers and his Rangers (see link 13). Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography.
  13. Old Fort Western - 1754 National Historic Landmark located right here in Maine!
  14. Rogers' Ranging Company Home Page - A site with general information about the French and Indian War, and also more specific information about Rogers' Rangers, the famous unit from New Hampshire.
  15. Scalping During the French and Indian War - Yikes! From the Early American Review... well written.
  16. James Wolfe's Tomb - in Saint Alphege's Church, Greenwich, London, England.

  The Enlightenment

  1. Historians and Philosophers - Early Modern Period (1500 - 1750)
  2. Historians and Philosophers - Modern Period (1750 - today)
  3. The Enlightenment - Internet Modern History Sourcebook, Fordham University
  4. Scientific Revolution - Internet Modern History Sourcebook, Fordham University
  5. European Enlightenment
  6. Yahoo! Philosophers
  7. Copernicus Portraits - from University of St. Andrews, Scotland
  8. Galileo Galilei's Tomb - in Santa Croce Church, Florence, Italy.

Settlers of North America

  1. 1639, Penn's Plan for Union, 1697.
  2. Advertisement for Runaway Slave, Additional Advertisement
  3. Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities Jamestown Rediscovery
  4. Bacon's Declaration in the Name of the People
  5. Boon Island Light - Great site! (FYI - the webpage incorrectly states that the second order Fresnal lens is in South Portland. It's at Coast Guard Headquarters in Boston.
  6. Boon Island - The Jasper Deane Account - The captain's Account of what happened when his Nottingham Galley sank at Boon's Island, just off of York, Maine.(in pdf)
  7. Boon Island - The Langman Account - The first mate (and others') account of what really happened! (in pdf)
  8. The Church of England in Early America
  9. The First Great Awakening
  10. Jonathan Edwards, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
  11. First Thanksgiving (First Thanksgiving Proclamation, on June 20, 1676, part of response to King Philip's War)
  12. Four Models of Colonial Government: First Virginia Charter, 1606, Maryland Toleration Act, 1649, Fundamental Orders of Ct.,
  13. Samual A. Green, Groton In the Witchcraft Times
  14. Louis Hébert - First Successful European Colonist in North America
  15. A Sentence of Indenture, 1775
  16. Maps of the New World - University of Georgia
  17. Maryland Toleration Act
  18. Mayflower Compact
  19. Mayflower Passenger List and Journals
  20. National Geographic Simulation of the Salem Witch Hysteria
  21. Puritanism and Predestination
  22. Religion, Women, and the Family in Early America
  23. Treaty of Tordesillas, 1495
  24. John Winthrop, "On Liberty"
  25. John Winthrop Papers Home Page
  26. Salem Witchcraft Hysteria
  27. Salem Witch Trials- Chronology

Early Explorers

  1. Astrolabe
  2. Columbus, Christopher - Yahoo!
  3. Christopher Columbus - the best sites for kids.
  4. Christopher Columbus Controversy: Western Civilization vs. Primitivism - Essay by Michael S. Berliner, Ph.D.
  5. The European Voyages of Exploration: The 15th and 16th Centuries - Award-winning site from the University of Calgary.
  6. Historical Biographies, Nova Scotia, 1600-1700
  7. Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Main Page
  8. Magellan, Ferdinand - Yahoo!
  9. Mariners' Museum - Newport News, Virginia
  10. Prince Henry the Navigator - European Voyages of Exploration:
  11. Project X 1497-1999
  12. World Exploration & Discovery Of The Last Frontier - Has some nice ship pics.

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