American Legion

Dirigo Boys State and Dirigo Girls State

Founded by the American Legion to inspire patriotism in our youth

  Boys State Girls State
What is it? "A program to allow Maine high school juniors with the opportunity to participate in a program that supplements their high school courses in government and its functions.  In this program, students role-play as they learn to campaign for local, county and state offices and then organize and carry out functions in state government."


"Girls State is a non-partisan, non-political attempt to teach and inculcate in the youth of America a love of God and country.  It is not a camp or vacation -- it is a School of GOVERNMENT from which the delegate will reap GREAT BENEFIT, not only for herself, but for her school."  Each year more than 2,000 girls across the United States participate in Girls State.
Who is eligible? Any junior boy who is interested in learning about town and state government. Boys at all scholastic levels are eligible.  Priority is given to attitude rather than scholastic achievement, although both qualities are desirable.

(Note from Mr. Auger - Although it isn't stated, you will be required to salute the flag, and participate in a cooperative manner in all facets of the program.)

1)  Candidates must not object to saluting or properly respecting the flag. 

2) Additionally, the following qualifications must be met

a).  Leadership and potential thereof; skills necessary to assume active participation as a citizen in a democratic simulation of government.
b) Character traits of good citizenship and honesty.
c) Scholarship (above average scholastic standing). 
d) Cooperativeness; a willingness to follow established rules of the Dirigo Girls State program and work with the other participants and the staff to derive the most benefit from the program.
e) Community participation and service; a contributor to the school program in extra activities such as school paper, music, drama, debate, sports, Odyssey of the Mind, or similar activities.

When is it? June 17-21, 2007 (Sunday-Thursday)

If school is still in session, you will take your final exam(s) early so you may attend.

June 17-22, 2006 (Sunday-Friday)

If school is still in session, you will take your final exam(s) early so you may attend.

Where is it?

Thomas College, Waterville

Husson College, Bangor

How much is it? $230, with at least a portion covered by local sponsors $230, with at least a portion covered by local sponsors. 
Who are the instructors? They include town and city managers, town selectmen, judges, attorneys, members of the Maine House of Representatives and Maine Senate, teachers, guidance counselors and others familiar with local, county and state government. (Not mentioned specifically, but similar to Boys State.)
May I arrive late or leave early if I have another obligation?  May I leave for a while if I have a tournament game, job interview, etc?



Has anyone famous ever attended the program? Many local, state and national figures attended Boys State.  Some of them include Neil Armstrong, Tom Brokow, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Michael Jordon and Angus King.  Here are some past and present SHS Faculty that have attended Boys State.  Feel free to ask them how they liked it!
Mr. Gilles Auger '48

Mr. Ron Brown

Mr. Fenlason '63
Mr. Faulkner '67
Mr. Simard '67
Mr. Turgeon '68
Mr. Spaulding '68
Mr. Pouravelis '71
Mr. Walker '74
Mr. McKeon '74
Mr. Drouin '76
Mr. Helmreich '78
Mr. Camire '84
Officer White '84
Mr. Paul Auger '85
Mr. Doiron '85
Mr. Boissonneault '86
Mr. Way '86
Mr. Jacques '95


Ann Richards, former governor of Texas; Jane Pauley, national media personality; Leeza Gibbons, national talk show host; Washington State Attorney General Christine Gregorie; and Lynne Cheney, wife of U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney.
Mrs. Southard '69
Mrs. Rancourt '70
Mrs. Edmonds '72
Ms. Moen '91

For more information, e-mail or see Mr. Auger in room 17.