Patricia Johnson Fiske, is President/Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Partners, the global network of entrepreneurial marketing communications firms.  She describes her job as "understanding the Partners' dreams and developing the Network's resources to make them come true."  Renowned for her leadership, Ms. Fiske led her company’s growth into a network of nearly 90 firms, employing more than 5,290 people in 56 countries. 

Prior to joining Worldwide Partners in October, 1986, Patricia was a principle and director of business development at Schneider Parker Jakuc, Inc, an 80 person Boston advertising agency with marketing research, public relations and telephone directory advertising divisions. 

The diversity of Ms. Fiske's advertising agency experience was put to full use at Worldwide Partners where she and her capable staff worked with the Partners to maintain a competitive edge and lay the groundwork for growth.  Since her arrival, the network of nearly 90 Partner agencies, has been integrated worldwide -- the European Region was strengthened, the Asia-Pacific and Latin American Regions were established, and the groundwork has been laid for expansion in China, the Middle East and Africa.  The culmination of her work led to the purchase of Worldwide Partners, Inc., by its member agencies in January 2001.

With Ms. Fiske's leadership, dedication and global vision, the Network has grown not only in size, but also in its services and capabilities.  Initiatives in the past few years include state-of-the-art Partner-to-Partner communications with the launching of the Worldwide Partners' private-access web site and then the public site; global joint business endeavors including Partner-Net, the proprietary web-based client management site; and the development of a pan-regional and global media capability, Worldwide Media Partners.

Her bi-monthly column, "Worldwide Partners, The Entrepreneurial Way" is a staple of Taiwanese marketing communications magazine ADM's regular features.  Ms. Fiske is also a regular contributor to USPAge, the marketing communications magazine of India. 

The international organizational development guru, Catherine W. Scherer, described Ms. Fiske's global work in her recently published book, "The Internationalists" in a chapter entitled "Worldwide Partners, An Organization of Internationalists".

Ms. Fiske appreciates all kinds of music, is an avid reader, has hiked to the top of nine of Colorado's 14,000 mountains, has summated Kilimanjaro on the Tanzania side, and trekked to base camp on Mount Everest, Nepal.

When she learned of her nomination to the SHS Hall of Fame, Ms. Fiske wrote to Principal Al Young that the education she received in the Sanford Public School System served her well. "...The knowledge I have since gained and the successes I have enjoyed came to be as a result of the core foundation, care and guidance of the teachers I was fortunate to have at Longfellow, Emerson Junior High and Sanford High School."

Ms. Fiske and her husband Terry Noble Fiske reside in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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